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  • Setting up Storybook for React Native

    By Sophie Au

    03 December 2019

    Storybook is a tool for documenting a design system and developing modular apps. It is popular in the web development community and I've used it in all my bigger projects. So when I transitioned from web development to working on a React Native codebase, I set up Storybook too…

  • Introduction to Golang [Part I]

    By Kamalashree Nagaraj

    06 January 2019

    Working for one of the clients here at ThoughtWorks, I found myself working a lot on Golang. Go has been a great language to work on but it never felt that way the first time I started on it. To begin with, it has a strange syntax, as opposed to most other strongly typed…

  • How to add SSR to a CRA

    By Jean Bauer

    21 December 2018

    Oh God, I feel so millennial with this title, oh wait This article is heavily inspired by this one . The idea behind creating a new tutorial is to explain step by step, error by error. If you wanna a more quick/intermediate tutorial, I highly recommend going directly here…

  • Mocking stdin, stderr and stdout for python unittest

    By Sophie Au

    05 November 2018

    Working on my latest project, todoster , forced me to learn all about input/output mocking using python's built-in unittest library. Mocking Output to stdout or stderr The way I've been using the mock output or error stream is by getting its contents as a string. For this…

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